W  O  R  K  S  H  O  P  S

Do you want to take better pictures? Are your images always coming out blurry? Did you receive a new DSLR as a gift? Do you need to bring a better level of photography for your business? I can help you with all of those concerns. I have worked hard and designed the perfect lesson plans for my different level photography classes, to now offer to my clients. Each of my classes will have the same teaching style, fun activities, story sharing, life tip hacks, refreshments, and take home workbooks. And when you attend my classes, you will also receive access into my private workshop follow up on Facebook. This will be the place to ask me follow up questions, share your trouble shoot questions and also share your success stories. Not to mention to show off those incredible images you will soon capture!

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Photography 101


My beginner class was created to help those who want to learn their camera and who want to take better pictures for their families or businesses. I will walk you step by step through the beginning stages of photography with hands on training. This is a 2 hour morning class.

Intermediate lessons


My intermediate class was created to help those take their photography to the next level. This was also created to follow in a second class from my beginning level class. Learn the functions to switch off auto mode. Learn about exposure, ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. Learn about the light triangle and white balance to improve the quality of your photos. This is a 2 hour afternoon class

One on One


Do you want my full attention? Do you have a crazy busy life schedule? Then this might be the class for you. We will plan the perfect date and time to schedule your one on one private class. We will go hands on with your equipment and even in the comfort of your own home. You will still receive the same lesson plan and workbook as you would in my regular class session. This is a 2 hour class taken to fit in your schedule.

Special savings when booking both classes the same day for a full workshop. Book a full day workshop and receive a discounted price(does not apply with any other discount). A light lunch will be provided for student that book a 6hr workshop.


N E W  D A T E S for Deltona location

Sunday Feb 3rd

Beginner class 9a-11a


Sunday Feb 24thh

Beginner class 9a-11a